A Few of My Favorite Things from the CCM

Bob Lund’s passion in life was the unsung magician who was out there every day slugging it out performing magic as much as possible and never making the big-time.   It was the unknown performer that Bob thought of as the heroes of magic, not the Thurstons or...

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Should You Insure Your Magic Collection?

  The Decision This is a decision many of us wrestle with.  Collectible insurance is not like any other typical insurance: It is expensive. The burden of proof of what you have in your collection is always on you. The value of your collection becomes subject to...

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Houdini: A few uncommon facts. Last in our three part series

This is the last installment of this series of Houdini Blogs.  I thought it might be interesting to review some not so well known facts about Houdini and review a few details of how the Red Magic Section (Edited by Houdini) in The World Newspapers came about. Did...

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Houdini’s Quest to Expose Astrology

It is a well known fact that Houdini fought Spiritualism with vigor.  He had “operatives” all over the country and even had “operatives” posing as spiritualist in the various Spiritualists Communities of the day. What is less known is his fight he began with Astrology...

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Potter and Potter Spring Magic Auction: A Personal Review

For those of you tuning in to find the latest on Houdini and his attack on astrology, I will have to ask you to wait a week. I am sorry but the Potter Spring Auction seems to be more of a time constraint (Houdini isn't going anywhere).  Besides I could use a little...

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