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Bidding increments will be at $1 or $5 depending on the value of the item.

The auction functions like the others you are familiar with (eBay etc.). You can submit a maximum bid and the site will bid up to that bid for you, bidding only one increment above what is necessary to secure the high bid, up to your maximum. Putting it simply, your bids will be executed at the lowest prices allowed by reserves and other bids. If two people bid the same maximum amount, the person that bid first will win the auction.

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Shipping costs are our actual cost with nothing added! Please note, WE WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ON HYPOTHETICAL SHIPPING COSTS FOR AUCTION ITEMS! We ship the least expensive way possible on all orders and ship either USPS or Fed Ex for all our shipments. We only charge actual cost so be confident that you are only paying what we pay with no handling charges or upcharges of any kind for shipping.

We will run auctions sporadically based on our inventory at the time. You will receive notification one week out from our auction dates. You will receive a second notification when the auction begins and a third just before the auctions ends. Auctions will end at staggered times, giving all the opportunity to bid on all items.

Auction sales are final unless the item is misrepresented in some fashion which is never our intent. We describe truthfully and include photos of the actual item being auctioned.


Sorry, no products were found matching your selection.

In the meantime please check out these recent products:

  • Silhouette Sorcery By Alan Warner: rare early Warner full size prop

  • Floor Stand Card Star by Michael Baker

  • Collectors Workshop Jumbo Card On Seat: electronic version: never used

  • Chance Wolf Coin Ladder: unique only one made: signed by Chance

  • Petrie and Lewis Chung Soo Wands: original box and instructions scarce in this state

  • Okito Mini Alphabet Block from Mel Babcock

  • Thayer Die Box decorated in Okito style by Norm Nielsen

  • Okito/Nielsen Wonder Box: stunning and no longer available

  • Television Box: Germany

  • Snyder’s Penetrating Block by Regow’s House of Enchantment (Jim Swoger) 1950’s

  • Collectors Workshop Acrylic Burmese Bells

  • Owen Wood Wonder Box: Hallmarked

  • Original Haenchen Dr. Q type slates: hallmarked: circa 1950’s Scarce

  • European Card Sword: one of the best!

  • Haenchen Traveling Blocks circa 1950’s: a time capsule

  • Psychic Card Stand by Las Vegas Magic

  • Wayne Dobson’s Smash and Stab from Colin Rose’s 5 of Hearts Magic

  • Micheal Bakers Hank Box

  • Herbert Paufler’s Tien-Tse: incredible German Micro Magic

  • Michael Baker Time and Again Watch Cabinet: stunning!