10 Marshall 12 bloom Flower Darts Boquets and 4 Marshal 12 bloom Bouquets: You can do Blackstone’s opening number with these! An incredible find!


Four Horace Marshall feather 12 bloom bouquets and 10 Horace Marshall 12 bloom flower darts.  An incredible find and your chance for an incredible acquisition and investment..   See description below.

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Once in a lifetime you come cross something like this.  They are Horace Marshall’s largest blooming bouquets and flower darts.  !2 blooms were only made for a short period of time.

The flowers are simply beautiful.  There condition is  amazing and they have just been left to set to open with no heat applied. They can look even better! This is basically the garden of flowers number and uses the same number of bouquets and darts as Blackstone Sr. used.  You could re-create the opening number with these. They are guaranteed to be Marshall flowers, arguably: the best ever made.

To purchase them today would cost $14,000 for the same quality.  You can buy them for a fraction of that today.  The varied color blooms are the darts and the solid blooms are the bouquets.  I have taken the time to photograph everyone so you can see what you are getting.  As great as they look (and they look fabulous) keep in mind that no heat process has been applied to them  They can look even better!

OK I realize this is not for everyone. But if you are going to use them for your show, or your a dealer and would like to break them up and sell them for a profit or you just want to make a great investment, this may be for you. The price is $195 each!  They cost $1,000 each to buy today!

You will need to acquire the production cloths if you wish to do the entire Blackstone opening but you have all of the flowers you need.

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