12 Original Owen Schematic Workshop Plans from the 1950’s


12 Owen  Original Schematic Plans: 1950’s.

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These are all mint condition unused workshop plans from Owen Brothers Magic.  The plans are some of the finest workshop plans ever available and include clear drawings and a materials list for each illusion.  These have sold in the past at $50 each when you could find them. You get 12 complete ORIGINAL sets of plans including:

1326- mummy case, 1300-giant guillotine, 1332 Jack O Lantern, 1100- packing box escape, 1353- Doll House, 910- Doves from air, 1313- Substitution Truck, 1103- Houdini Pillory, 1310-Asrah, 917- Box Tray and screen, 1303- Pagoda Screen and 1306-Mephisto Portal.

Use them to build the illusions or they make fantastic framed prints for your magic room.

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