Mirror Mirror On the Wall by Elian Agaian: fantastic mental magic which will surprise your spectator!


A fantastic effect by Elian Agaian.  Highly recommended!  see below.

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The performer invites a spectator from the audience to come up to the stage. He displays 32 different pictures and asks him to randomly choose one. The performer points to a large mirror on the table and explains that it is a magical mirror that can reflect anyone`s thoughts. He takes the mirror and asks the spectator to think of the picture he has chosen. The performer stares into the mirror and slowly reveals and describes the picture that the spectator is thinking of. When the spectator is asked to show the picture he is holding, of course, it is the exact picture the performer has described. The performer now offers to repeat the effect once more. He explains that this time it will be much more difficult. A second spectator is invited up on stage, and the performer tells her that she will now have to read the first spectator`s mind. He hands her the mirror and instructs her to hold it with both hands in front of her and to stare into the mirror the entire time. The performer has the first spectator select another card, making sure that no one else will be able to see it, and to concentrate on that picture. The performer tells the second spectator to look in the mirror and concentrate as well. A few seconds later, she will suddenly, clearly see a reflection of the picture the first spectator is thinking of!

Comes with mirror, cards and instruction-booklet.  Also comes with additional gimmicks to make your own images!  This has never been used. Tested and functions perfectly.

The mirror is 9.5 by 12.

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