Magic Wagon Triple Dice Mystery: 2013 release

Winning Bid: $150.00

This is a great effect. I have seen it out there on several want list so I hope those people find there way here. I played with it before reading the instructions and had no clue so you can hand it out for examination. This is not electronic but extremely clever!  Like all of my Magic Wagon items it is brand new never used. Produced in 2013 and sold out within 24 hours.

No estimate provided on Magic Wagon items.  You determine the value.

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Item condition: New

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The performer displays three differently colored dice along with an elegant wooden box. While the performer looks away, a spectator randomly places the dice into the three numbered compartments, remembers the number of spots showing uppermost on each die and then closes the lid and locks the box. The performer now turns around, holds the box in full view and immediately announces the order of the colors including the top numbers of the dice while the box is still locked!

The performer could also ask the spectator to place just one of the dice into the box (The other two dice are then hidden from view). After the spectator has closed the lid and locked the box, the performer correctly announces which compartment has the die, the selected color and also the number on top of the die!

– Triple Dice Vision measures approximately 6cms by 6cms and 7cms high and completely hand-crafted from genuine teak with brass fittings.

– The bottom of each compartment is beautifully lined with white acrylic sheet which is a perfect contrasting color to the dice being used.

– Each compartment is also individually hand-stamped with a number (1-2-3) by a skilled craftsman.

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March 26, 2019 1:56 pm$150.00Private
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