Abbott/Blackstone: Early Days Photos of Colon plus Blackstone Sr. 1961 Return to Get Together Flyer: All original!


The early Colon photos were from the collection of long time Blackstone Sr. assistant George Johnstone.  They were likely Harry’s own at one time.  The flyer is an advertisement for the 1961 Blackstone Sr. return to  the Abbott Magic Get Together (he performed The Vanishing Birdcage, The Floating Light Bulb and the Dancing Handkerchief to  a solid 5 minute standing ovation!). The photos represent periods from the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s (notice the dog crossing the street in the 1920’s era photo of Colon’s main street). The flyer is 6×9 inches and the photos are original and have been mounted to board with a protective cover that folds over them.


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