Absolutely Impossible/Kaps Combo Wallet: Ken Brooke’s Signature Series #443 of 500


Absolutely Impossible – Kaps Combo Wallet by Paul Stone – The Ken Brooke Signature Classics Collection Absolutely Impossible – Kaps Combo Wallet by Paul Stone – Ken Brooke Signature Classics Collection Produced and launched specially for the Magic Circle Centenary Convention in London in July 2005.A superb dual purpose wallet combining the renowned Fred Kaps Working Performers Card in Wallet with David Howarth’s cunning Absolutely Impossible Prediction Wallet , so you can now perform the repeat Card in Wallet effect and then go immediately into the terrific Absolutely Impossible routine! The quality is awesome and its appearance exactly matches the Kaps Wallet which was also recently released as part of the outstanding Ken Brooke Signature Classics Range . If you have both wallets and chose to do so, you are able to switch them in and out for the spectators to handle! ‘s what Richard Kaufman had to say about this great item in his column in the August 2005 Genii Magazine … ” Paul Stone was displaying his new Ken Brooke Signature Classics Collection in London , all of which are limited to editions of 500. In addition to ‘Confabulation Deluxe’ (Alan Shaxon’s absolutely brilliant effect) and Johnny Thompson’s ‘Nemo 1500’ (a true reputation maker), Paul has released a new wallet that combines one of the best ‘Kaps (aka Balducci) Wallets’ I’ve ever seen with David Howarth’s Absolutely Impossible Wallet’. The latter is an inexplicable trick that requires you to switch a chosen card in plain sight – the superbly made wallet is made of soft buttery black leather with a slide that works like a charm. This is number 443 of 500. It is as new NEVER USED!

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