AFKA The Card Robot by Wolfgang Grosskopf: Germany: this is his own personal prop believed to be unique

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Wofgang Grosskopf was an great story telling magician and manufacturer of magic n the 60’s through the 1980’s. His items are very rare.  This one is believed to be unique as it was his own personal prop he made for himself.  His typical medium was plastic as is the effect I am about to describe.

Effect:  AFKA is a box that is decorated to look lie a robot.  A spectator inserts a card into the top, the robot commits it to memory and releases it when his mouth is pushed. The released card is inserted in the middle of the deck by AFKA. the deck with the selected card is placed aside.  All of this is done by the spectator. The robot knows the selected card and signals it to the magician  who names it. You can borrow a deck and repeat it if you wish.


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