Aladdin Production Canister Invented by Chung Ling Soo: circa 1900: fully restored by Norm Nielsen: RARE


Only one i have ever seen. Invented by Robinson/Soo and described in Will Goldston’s The Young Conjuror.   It would have been a very flashy stage production as described.

A tall metal canister (referred to as an umbrella stand in the supplied routine) is displayed and water is poured inside.  The canister can be shaken and the water heard, yet when the performer reaches in he produces a large quantity of perfectly dry silks, flags, or spring flowers.  The canister is then tipped over and the water pours back out.  For the climax, the performer then produces a large (as tall as the canister itself) birdcage which could contain real birds!

While the birdcage production became a standard effect of that era, the use of water with the tube adds an extra bit of mystery to the production.  The apparatus is cleverly designed and nicely made.  The load chamber which contains the dry silks is removable and can be locked in place inside the canister.  While the original rubber cap has been lost to time, rubber dental dam etc. can be used.

Certainly one of the most rare and beautiful items we have ever hand on our site beautifully restored by Norm!  Norm’s thoughtful design adds deception to the effect.

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