Alan Shaxon Confabulation Deluxe by Ken Brooke’s Signature Classics: #253 of 500


One of the classic prediction effects.  Spectators choose three items (they can be anything numbers, cars, places etc) and the magician writes them down in a small notebook and tears out the age and hands it to a spectator for safe keeping.  He then removes his wallet and inside a zippered compartment he brings out an envelope that contains his prediction.  He hands it .to the spectator to open (the envelop is sealed and the spectator can examine it). He opens to reveal the magician’s predication matched! These are the highest quality props you will find! Made in a limited edition run of 500. Original cost was $175.  This is new unused a virtual time capsule. With certificate of authenticity. Leather items embossed with the Ken Brooke Logo.

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