Alan Warner Spirit Cabinet II: RARE! #5 OF ONLY 15 MADE!


This is one of those things that someone generally has to die before it is passed on.  No one died and here it is! Produced in 2012 to celebrate 40 years of mini magical mastery!

It is #5 of a guaranteed  limited edition of 15!  Comes with a certificate of authenticity.  The original unlimited much more plain edition of this items sold regularly for $5,000 -$6000 in Martinka auctions in 2006-2007!  That either makes this one heck of a buy or those buyers uninformed.  My guess is a little of both!

I have left the spirit bottle in the original wrap. A wonderful effect in mint condition!  There is only one of these and no doubt it will be quite a while before another becomes available.  I never try to gauge people on pricing in these type very rare things: always just a fair reasonable price.

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