Alan Warner The Magic Pencil Case: only one ever made!


A one of a kind prop from Alan Warner built in 2005.  No more were ever or will ever be made.

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You don’t have a complete Alan Warner collection unless you have this.  It is the only one he ever made as signed and documented by him.  The effect is a colorless clown drawing is placed into an empty wooden case.  A box of pencils is shown and one golden pencil removed and given to a child assistant.  The pencil drawer is closed. The assistant waves the golden pencil and the drawer is opened to find nothing (or if you wish several mini pencils)!  The upright box is tuned over and out comes the colored clown magically painted by the assistant.

Yes the former owner paid $2,600 for this effect.  Your price much more reasonable.  This was a former Bill King Collection prop.

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