Alan Warner The Sign of the Snake 2001: mint


Another great effect from Alan Warner’s Teak line.

A wooden case mounted on a thin base is shown.  A black oblong tablet is placed into the stand. Five different mini plaques showing five different colors of snakes are shown. They are turned face own and mixed.

The spectator selects one of the plaques.  It is moved face down in front of the stand.  When it is turned over it shows a color (lets say yellow).  The oblong tablet is removed from the stand and now contains hieroglyphics on the stand representing each of the previous colors of the snake.  The magician shows the tablet and says the prediction was correct. The spectator is not to impressed since all colors are represented. The magician stats yes but you are looking at the wrong side of the tablet. It is then turned over to find a single yellow snake on the other side matching the spectators random  choice!.

A mechanical marvel wonderfully crafted!  Mint condition. The stand is 4.5 inches high.

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