Alexei’s Secret Box: one of six made: stunning!


I have often said the most beautiful die box ever built was Milson Worth’s oriental  Die Box.  I stand by that. But if you would like to view a close second, this is it!  It is a Russian Themed Die box built by Michael Baker.  In this case it is not a “Die” box but a “gift chest box” in that  the Die is replaced by a small yellow “gift box: which can be opened and anything of your choosing (even borrowed) can be inserted.  This lends itself to many different patter stories and Micheal provides a nice story with this chest.

This apparatus is stunning inside and out. This is a typical die box routine in that the gift box is placed into the large box and vanishes only to re-appear elsewhere. At one point in the routine the spectators can even get a peak of the box in the chest.  This is one of only 6 made.  It is  new never used purchased directly by me from Michael a few years back.

The box is 10.75×6.25×5 inches.  A wonderful addition to any collection!

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