Annemann’s Perfect Card by Signature Pieces: Nick Ruggerio’s masterpiece! RARE!


You have no doubt heard of this effect but few have actually seen one. Here is your chance to own one.  In effect the magician shows a envelope with a window in it and places a card in the envelope as a prediction. It is always visible as he places in on a thin undraped table.

He then ask for a spectator to name any card in the deck.  They do.  He then walks over to the envelope picks it up and removes the card they named!  It doesn’t get any better or any more straightforward.

This is all achieved by very sophisticated but simple to use electronics.  The workings in the  table itself are a marvel to observe.. Very few made.  I do not believe this has been taken out of the case and I don’t want to be the first to do so. I have photographed it in the case. It is in as new condition.  I am tempted to show the inner working but have decide not too for the sake of the few that own one now.  I have used a set up photo from Andy Martins website with his permission ( This one looks exactly the same.


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testimonial from the Magic Cafe in 2005:

If this is Anneman’s Perfected Card Trick, it is outstanding. It is one of the few effects that happens almost exactly as described. A window envelope is on a thin, single upright table. A face down card can be seen through the window. Anyone names any card (the only restriction is they cannot name an Ace, which is absolutely no problem with simple patter.) He does so. The magician picks up the envelope off the table, tears it open and removes the card. It is dramatically turned face up and it IS the named card.

No fumbling or funny business. A few years ago there was some kind of weird pad that produced such an effect from South America. Well, if you can envision that concept automated with state-of-the-art mechanics and without the silly “reach” necessary for that pad, this is the trick. It is expensive (around $2300 last time I saw,) but, to a serious performer, worth every penny.

I do it occasionally, and it is just plain hard to follow. The table has a visual check to be sure the work was done correctly, but having done mine literally 100’s of time, it has never failed….absolutely never and I am so confident in it that I have replaced the deck provided (set up for the visual check,) with an ordinary pack of cards, so after removing the card and showing it, I simply scale it out into the audience for anyone to keep.

It is a killer trick.

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