Ari Soroka’s The Red Carpet by Jason Palter: new

Winning Bid: $115.00

Fantastic item in new condition. Not often do you get comedy mentalism but this plays well (see Video). No longer available. Comes in a metal film reel canister.

Sold for $195 when available.

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Item condition: New

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The Red Carpet was originally conceived by Ari Soroka more than 30 years ago.  Some 10 years later, Jason Palter got the rights from Ari to manufacture and release this effect through his Paltergeist Unlimited.

This effect is not to be confused by another effect called “Red Carpet” by Black Rabbit Magic.  Although it involves celebrities, the effect is quite different.  In this effect, a lady spectator chooses one of 5 male celebrities and a male spectator selects one of 5 female celebrities.  The performer divines both selections, and then the 2 selections switch places.  It involves 10 jumbo cards.

In the effect for “The Red Carpet”, a spectator is invited onstage.  A 11” X 8.5” sketch pad is shown to contain 39 black and white sketches of celebrities in the various industries, such as in movies, music, sports, politics and others.

A transparent bag containing 39 different numbered discs is displayed.  The spectator takes out several discs and indicates the different celebrities at each of these different page numbers.  Finally, one of the 39 discs is chosen.

Before this number and the celebrity at this number is shown to the entire audience, the performer covers himself with a red hood made of red velvet fabric.  This is the “red carpet” that celebrities walk on and sometimes stumble down on.

The spectator shows the disc number to the audience and then turns to the celebrity at this page number.  The performer tries, but in vain, to divine the name of this celebrity.  Finally, he takes off his hood to apologise and the audience sees that the performer now has a likeness of the celebrity’s face on his own head!  This will bring a tremendous reaction from the audience!

If you are looking for a packed small but play huge magic product, with good audience interaction, you get it all in The Red Carpet.

You receive everything needed to perform this great comedy mentalism effect, including the Paltergeist Unlimited’s heavy-duty UFB transparent bag.  All the items supplied are of high quality.  Included is also a DVD containing an 8.5 minute live performance by Jason Palter as well as a 10-page pdf e-instructions booklet that gives you the script used by Jason Palter.  Each product is hand signed and numbered and comes with a non-exclusive rights to perform The Red Carpet in live performances on TVs and other media.

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