Arlen Studios ISIS Prediciton Tomb

Winning Bid: $90.00

A nice Egyptian themed prediction effect from 2002 long sold out.  Props are excellent quality. The sarcophagus is 6×1.75×1.5 inches.

Estimate $125-175

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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Here is one of the cleverest prediction methods I have ever run across.  I have given it an Egyptian theme and built some very nice props to go with it.  I hope you all like it as much as I do.  The performer takes out a beautiful little ( 2″ X 5  3/4″ ) Egyptian Sarcophagus of gilded gold.  He states that this little treasure was plundered from a tomb directly beneath the alter of Isis in Thebes.  Isis was the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.  Isis symbolized among other things, the perfect mother.  Isis loved all children and once gave the gift of Intuition and knowledge to all mothers as a way to keep their beloved children safe.  This is where the term “A Mothers Intuition” comes from.  It is said that the small sarcophagus  contains the very essence of Isis herself.  At this, the performer pulls out three colored tablets, each one with a different hieroglyphic symbol on it.  An Ankh, three Scarabs and two Plumbs.  The performer states that Isis, being the all knowing mother she is, has already predicted a chosen tablet.  The spectator is then asked to name out loud any tablet they want to.  Once named, the spectator is given the option of changing their mind.  Once a tablet is settled on, the performer shows how Isis had already predicted their choice in a very astonishing way.  The principal is simple and yet very deceptive.  Your audience may think you are the dissident of one of the great Pharaohs of Egypt or even Isis herself.

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