Astro Ball Vanish and Black and White Surprise


Two great close up effects. One price. Read below.

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Astro Ball Vanish- The performer brings out two gold plated brass tubes (yes they are gold plated), two dice and a small chromed ball.  The box is closed.  The performer places one tube on top of the box and into this is dropped one of the dice. Then the performer takes the chromed ball and places it onto the die.  The other tube is placed on top of this.  Finally the second die is dropped into the set-up, thus sandwiching the ball between the dice.  The set up is then dismantled to reveal the ball has completely vanished.  The jewelry box is opened and the bal has re-appeared in the box.  Nicely made.


Black and White Surprise- Manufactured in Europe and distributed by Mak Magic in the US-The magician shows a white chip in one hand and a black in the other. Both hands are closed and the chips change color. The same is repeated with a card between the chips and they again change color.  The spectator unimpressed thinks the chips are just black on one side and white on the other. The magician now shows the chips to be green and yellow and red and blue!.  Chips are left on the table to examined!

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