Auke Van Dokkum’s (Holland) the Tommy Wonder Cups and Balls Set: rare


Tim Wright (wonderful comedic magician Skilldini) and The Legendary Street Magician Gazzo stopped by my home last week. Our conversation turned to cups and balls.  I went up to my library and brought down my Tommy Wonder set of cups and balls which was displayed with by bronze bust of Tommy.  Gazzo was very familiar with them.  Each turned by Auke Van Dokkum (Holland) out of a solid Block of Stainless steel.  These  were produced in very small quantity  with the permission of Tommy Wonder.  They are an incredibly heavy set of cups and are absolute mint condition.  Complete with the necessary bag, and balls to perform Tommy’s incredible routine.  You will not likely find these again.  They were expensive when produced and that has not changed although they represent an excellent value. Do your internet search, you own’t find them anywhere except here.

You can find Tommy’s routine in the Books of Wonder that are available on this site.

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