Automatic Billiard Ball Stand: rare ! #2 of 2 built by master craftsman from Czech Republic (Gard Magic)


Very rare automatic billiard ball stand where the produced balls vanish one at a time visibly!  See Below!

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I waited two yeas on this!  It was worth the wait.  This was built by a modern day master craftsman n the old world tradition.  This Czech Republic craftsman has now made a mane for himself throughout the world with his fabulous creations (we have a spirit clock coming up of his that is stunning!) but this is his masterpiece!

After producing the billiard balls and placing them on the stand they visually vanish one by one!  This is a clockwork motor (no electronics) and is built to last just as in the days of Willman and Conradi!  You wind it up and as you place the balls in the stand (comes with a matching set of billiard balls) a tiny piston emerges from the stand to hold the shell in place. When you press the switch the balls slowly vanish one at a time as one piston is lowered about every about every 4 seconds affecting the visual vanish of the balls. The illusion is perfect! The motor does make some minimal  noise but this is a stage effect and was designed for that.  You will likely show it to your friends and operate it every time someone new comes to visit.  it is that cool!

This is very easy to set and operate.  You will do it the first time! I thought it would be great to hook this up with a “loop de loop stand” (and that was my original intent for buying it) but floor space is now at a premium so I have decided to let it go!  It is one of may favorite pieces of magic and will become yours too!  I have photographed it in action with each successive ball vanish. Hallmarked.  1 of only 2 ever built!

The stand is 16 inches long and 14 inches high and the billiard balls are 1 3/4 inches as is the matching set that come with it. Excellent condition!

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