Babcock Twin Cords, Rings and Treasure Chest: hallmarked


 Two six-foot cords are tied around a chop stick. The chopstick is placed in a small wooden box with the ends protruding though two holes in the ends of the box. A ring is threaded on each end of the set of cords, and the cords are threaded through two holes in the front and back of the box. The cover of the box is closed and latched, and using one of the two cords, a knot is tied over the top of the box. The ends of the cords are held by two spectators. The chopstick is removed and used as a wand to tap the top of the box. The box comes free of the cords, leaving the two rings inside the box. Everything can be examined before and after. The box is 5x3x2.5 inches.

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