Barclay Shaw hand made Jack and Anne Gwynne Life-sized Marionettes: one of a kind


Maybe you have read about these in Magicol. Maybe you have heard they exist in late night discussions of magicians, ventriloquist and past performers. Maybe you have actually viewed photos of these on the Thayer Website.


Now you have a chance to own them. These were very meticulously constructed by Barclay Shaw, one of the greatest magicians and puppeteers of our time.


Barclay was constructing these to actually perform at the time of his death. It is my understanding he was actually going to have them perform the Temple of Benares, one of their signature effects! They were purchased from his estate sale held in Las Vegas. The likeness is phenomenal. Each of Jack’s hairs appear to have been implanted one at a time. Jacks eyes move, his head moves, his eyelids close and his left eyebrow arches.

Anne’s head moves. Both have joints where they should have. This are not fully functioning marionettes but except for stringing were well on their way.

Jack is about 6 ft. tall and Anne around 5 ft. 8 inches tall.


This also comes with a collage of Barclay Shaw with a publicity photo signed to Jack and Anne. They were very close friends.


These break in half for shipping. I will take to a shipping location for professional packaging and shipping to you which will be your cost.


Ok I realize this is not for everyone. But if you are a Barclay Shaw fan, a puppeteer fan, or a fan of the Royal Family of Magic this will be the most unique possession you will ever own.

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