Barrie Richardson Act 2 Theater of the Mind 2005


Act 2 Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson.  2005 hermetic press first edition and print.

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Barrie Richardson’s Theater of the Mind was one of the most widely read mentalism books of the 1990’s. Act Two is the follow up to that book and it’s just as good as its predecessor. It contains 54 routines, most of which include full presentations (there’s a good chance that you’ll want to adopt your own presentations, but Richardson’s definitely act as a decent starting point).

For those that like to know what they’re getting, here are a few of the 54 routines that might take your fancy:


  • A handling of Any Card at Any Number using an ungimmicked deck where the performer never touches the cards.
  • A freely shuffled deck of cards mysteriously separates into reds and blacks in the spectator’s hands.
  • Some interesting rapid calculation and crazy memory feats. With the right performer, this stuff creates amazing reactions.
  • Loads of other really great magic and mentalism using business cards, Post-it Notes, coins, bills, magazines, marbles, rope and more.


You won’t want to miss Act Two. A quality hardcover, 382 pages of baffling and practical material, loaded with full presentations. We think you’ll love this book!

382 pages, hardbound with dustjacket.

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