Bill Abbott Presents Lou Levanthal’s The Sting (the total Package)

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Don’t confuse this with the less expensive versions. This includes the zippered wallet as well!

What is The Sting?

The Sting is a stage routine for the classic ring flight effect. What separates this from other ring flight routines, is Lou’s work to make it play for audiences of thousands of people. Instead of a simple “here’s your ring – now it’s gone – now it’s on my keycase” routine, Lou has weaved a believable story around the routine that is accessible to every audience. The Sting is a working professional’s detailed information on ring flight not available anywhere before. And it’s worth its weight in gold. 30 years of advice, direction and intensive instruction on how to bring YOUR ring flight (you know, that one that’s in your drawer!) onto the stage and in front or your audiences. Where most ring flight routines are a glorified stunt at best, The Sting is a commercial 5 minute piece with a script (included), a great premise, loads of interaction, laughs and all the details that you would expect from a successful professional routine. Lou introduces a con style premise that leads into a dynamic game of 50-50 odds with the ring as the ‘prize’. In the end the ring completely vanishes and reappears INSIDE of a zippered wallet and firmly attached to a set of keys inside the wallet.

What makes the The Sting special?

-The moment of the ring’s disappearance is unlike any I have ever encountered in a ring flight routine. When the ring disappears the performer is so far ahead he/she can really enjoy the moment as much as the audience.

-The routine can work in any environment, up close and surrounded. Lou once performed this for 25,000 people with video support at an arena.

-Unlike most ring flight handlings The Sting has eliminated all of that and makes it easy on the performer, so there is never a weak or questionable moment. No fumbling, awkward movements. Just magic.

See the review from the Magic Cafe below for more information. New in unopened package.

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Review from the Magic Cafe

Watched the DVD and examined the props last night. This package delivers exactly what was promised. The routine is very well thought out, providing maximum motivation and cover for the load, and there’s a nice time delay between the dirty and the first magical moment. The script is fun and respectful to the spectator. It’s very interesting hearing Mr. Leventhal’s detailed explanation concerning why he wrote the script and routined the effect the way he did. There’s plenty of room to modify the script but still use the basic routine, though. The use of a zipped wallet also adds a layer of deception a step above an ordinary ring flight.

As to the props, the wallet is very well made of quality leather, and the zipper is sized correctly for reliability during the routine (Mr. Leventhal explains the importance of zipper size on the DVD). It’s not too big or small – right in the Goldilocks sweet spot. You also get a nice stash of (easily replaceable) coin envelopes to get you through several shows. As stated in the advertising, you’ll have to supply your own ring flight. Mr. Leventhal has traditionally used one that is currently off the market, but he identifies one that he feels is the best that is currently available – luckily, it’s one of the ones that I already purchased.

Along with the DVD, you receive the complete script, with action cues, in written form. Mr. Leventhal’s teaching on the DVD is thorough and detailed, so you’ll have no question as to how and why he performs every aspect of the routine. He explains his approach to the selection of the volunteer and an appropriate ring, which is very helpful and obviously the product of his extensive performance of the routine. He even walks you through his approach to changing clasps on a ring flight. The DVD closes with approximately 1/2 hour of footage of Mr. Abbott interviewing Mr. Leventhal concerning the development of the effect. There are some terrific insights in that section.

I purchased this because I already have a few ring flights, and was intrigued by the idea of using one in a stage setting. I’ll definitely be using this routine, and am quite happy with the purchase.

Now appearing nightly in my basement.
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