Blackstone Sr. Bouquet from the Enchanted Garden: with certificate of authenticity


The bouquet is from from the Blackstone Sr. show circa 1940.  It was part of the Blackstone  Sr. show that was acquired by Dan Waldron and Bob Lund from George Hippsley..  They stored the part of the show that was not taken to the American Museum of magic at Dan Waldron’s aunts farm in Michigan.  The farm was sold much later and the barn’s abandoned contents as well as everything else on the property was sold at auction.  I was able to track down the antique dealer who acquired the Blackstone remaining props and bought the lot.

There was an entire box full of Blackstone’s  bouquets and flower darts from the enchanted garden made by Horace Marshall.  The only issue is except for 2 of them, the rest were simply wire skeletons of their former self. This is one of those two in the box that amazingly survived intact!  An important piece magic of history!  I will provide a certificate of authenticity tracing its ownership.  The other was sold at my last auction so this is it!


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