Block Vanish and Sewell Appearance; Stunning: The Magic Company Michael Baker


Block Vanish and Reappearance. Sewell method.  By Michael Baker the Magic Company The tube is 4 inches square and 6.5 inches tall.  The small cabinet is 8x5x5.inches.

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Incredible mechanics going on here in  this beautiful prop.  A small chest is shown with a block threaded on a rod running through it.  The rod and block are removed and the rod replaced.  The door to the chest is closed. The block is placed on a small platform and covered by a square tube. The tube is raided to reveal the block once more before a wand is pushed through the tube impaling the block.  The tube and block are carried forward platform.  The rod is then removed and the tube shown empty.  The block has vanished. The front door of the small chest is opened and the block is found there impaled by the rod.

Highly  sought after and only a few made.

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