Block Vanishing Pedestal and Reappearance On Rod (Sewell Block Appearance)

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A colorful block is  seen threaded on a brass rod inside a small cabinet.  The block is removed from the rod and placed on top of a pedestal.  The rod is visibly replaced in the cabinet and the doors are closed. A cover is placed over the block on the pedestal.  When the cover is lifted the block has vanished and the doors are opened on the small cabinet and the block is seen resting back on the rod!

This is a version of the Sewell block reappearance that has long been sought by collectors and performers for its incredible effect and ingenuity.  This was produced by Limited Editions magic in a very small quantity.

The cabinet is 10×7.5×4.5 inches.  The pedestal is 13 inches with the block on top. In excellent condition with instructions.

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