Blocks of San Yen: one of the most incredible illusions ever built


I wish you could see this in performance.  My description is not enough but I will give it a try. It first appeared in the 1950’s and 50 units were built. This if you could find it (you can’t)  will sell for thousands of dollars. The until here was built by Paul Lembo and has many improvements.  Only a handful were made.

Three blocks are seen resting on a wooden stand.  There is a ribbon running through all three.  The two end blocks are moved to a metal extension outside of the stand giving a full view of the ribbon running through each block. The ribbon is pulled back and forth showing the completeness of the ribbon and its path through the three blocks. While the blocks are separated the ribbon is visibly cut on each side of the block in the center.  It is cut no doubt.  The blocks are then moved back together and the magician takes the end of the ribbon and pulls it and the other side moves.  The ribbon is grasped by both ends and  pulled back forth and is seen to be completely restored where it is pulled completely free of the blocks and shown to be intact!  This is an incredible thing to watch. There is simply no explanation.

There are some incredible bits if engineering going on behind the scenes here which contribute to it’s price.

This has been recently produced by Richard Gerlitz as well but for the beauty an value this piece is simply remarkable. One of Paul’s finest!

The stand is 13 inches (24 with the metal extensions).  The blocks are 4.25 inches square. Comes with video instructions, extra ribbon and with a copy of the original ad and instructions from the 1950’s.

Great addition to anyone’s collection. In new condition.

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