Blue Phantom- One of the most beautiful I have seen: Chance Wolf


When I first saw this I knew it was something special. The care and quality in its construction were evident. It was a fantastic prop!  Then I turned it over and the name Chance Wolf was signed on the bottom and the year 2014.  Now it was clear why the quality.

I contacted Chance and asked about it.  He indicated he did not actually build it but completely renovated it for a client.  I can tell you it is remarkable and looks as if it were just built. The prop was high quality to start with thus why the expense was undertaken to restore it.

It is one of the finest blue phantoms I have seen. Chance took the time to add protectors to the checker to insure they do not chip.  The paint and decal application is second to none. Whoever gets this has a treasure. It is 17 inches tall and the base is 6.5 inches in diameter.

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