Bonus Genus Hand Made by Leslie Guest: rare Circa 1955


Wonderful bonus genus figure made by Leslie Guest the SAM Hall of Fame Cincinnati Magician. Please see his biography below.  Rare item in very good condition. Only one I have seen.

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Biography From Magicpedia

Guest was interested in magic when he was only 11 years old He attended the University of Michigan, and the College of the City of New York where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree. After college, he moved to Cincinnati where he became a close friend of Stewart Judah and John Braun.

He was mentored by Al Baker and pursued a full-time magic career in 1931 with his wife Nina.

After playing theaters, clubs and cruises for several decades they settled down in New Jersey after 1938, where he entered the sales promotion field.

He developed a shadowgraph act while performing with the U.S.O. during World War II.

Guest served as Secretary for both the Society of American Magicians and the IBM. He was a president of the SAM (1952-53), the editor of MUM for nine years and at one time associate editor of The Linking Ring. He wrote column in MUM entitled “My Magical Memories”.


S.A.M. Hall of Fame

Cover of MUM (July, 1952)

Cover of MUM (July 1978)


Melo-Dy-Namo (1948)

Lecture-Demain: If You Can’t Invent, Adapt (1972)

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