Buddha Fantasy circa 1940: rare


The only one of these i have ever seen. It is amazing these props have stayed together and in this condition over the last 80 years.

The magician shows a stand with a see through container (treasure chest) located at the foot of the Buddha setting in a temple..  He shows a blank silk scarf and places it into the container which remains visible at all times through the window in the box.. The magician then opens a large fan to contain a wonderful image of a dragon.  He waves it at the Buddha Temple and closes the fan. When  he re-opens it the dragon is gone. the silk is then removed from the foot of the Buddha and is now found to have the image of the dragon imprinted! The container is otherwise empty!

These are beautiful props. The Buddha gives a wonderful 3-d effect. Everything breaks down for packing.  The spring loaded mechanism in  the base works perfectly The silk never appears to always remain visible. With a copy of the instructions.  A fabulous addition to any collection. The Buddha stands  and impressive 17 inches tall.  A wonderful display piece.

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