Busby-Corin Inc.: Bob Koch Electronic Chess Piece Divination: A masterpiece of Mental Magic: very rare!


Put out by Busby-Corin in the 1980’s. The item they introduced were always way ahead of their time and the highest of quality in limited quantities. Their items are sought after by performers and collectors. This is one of their most exceptional pieces so far ahead of its time that it would be difficult and extremely costly to produce today. One of those pieces that you will find amazing to perform or collect.

The prop  is a natural looking box free of suspicion,not a gaudy fake looking piece of apparatus. It can be freely handled by the spectators and in fact is as part of the routine.

In this effect the performer shows a elegant polished walnut box designed to hold six chess pieces. Six spectators from our audience are invited to open the lid of the box and secretly remove one of the chess pieces while your back is turned.  An IMPORTANT point to note is ANY spectator may remove a piece. CHANGE HIS MIND and REPLACE that piece and SELECT ANOTHER PIECE. Each spectator has a free choice of what piece they will select. You are then able to turn around and divine which piece each spectator has chosen and also  whether or not they change their minds when they selected the piece! The use of six pieces, rather than the limited choice of three objects normally offered allows you to combine the divination effect with a “Pseudo Psychometry” .theme if you wish. It truly is a masterpiece of electronic mentalism.

It is all self contained within the natural looking box. The electronics are completely computer controlled and expertly made. The readout is a bright L.E.D. readout which can be read under any conditions and is ingeniously concealed within the construction of the box, which can be examined by the spectators. The readout is reached with a simple natural movement when you pickup the empty box.  The electronics switch on and clear automatically as son as the sliding lid of the box is removed and places aside. The functioning electronics are completely concealed within the very thin (1/4 inch thick) walls of the box. As soon as the box is opened the effect is ready to work. There is never and unnecessary drain on the battery, not only because of the automatic on/off feature, but also because even when the box is in action, a built in battery saver will automatically drop the level of the power required and then restore the full L.E.D. readout when you need it.   The set of six chess pieces are composed of one of each of black and white Pawns, Rooks, and Knights from the highest quality regular chess pieces available. The box is completely hand made by Bob Koch from select walnut with a satin hand rubbed finish. It is a prop that speaks of elegance and taste while looking so natural.

This is a very rare prop. It has been tested and is working perfectly guaranteed as it has for the last 38 years!  It was so far ahead of its time that even today it would be a overly expensive prop  if someone would (or could) tackle the woodwork and electronics!  It is so well thought out that there is nothing like it on the market even today. If you are familiar with Jeff Busby’s items then you know he writes the most detailed instructions ever written.  You get 6 pages of explanation and ideas. The size of the box is 9.5×3.5×2.75 inches.

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