Carl William’s Sum Ting Wong: scarce


This is a wonderful effect made by master craftsman Carl Williams about 25 years ago in very limited quantity (I believe less than 30).  The magician shows a small oriental (Okito like) wood turned  container.  He/she removed the lid and attached to the lid by a chain is a golden Buddha figurine. He lays it on the table. The spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck (yes it can be borrowed) and returns it to the deck.  the magician removed 12 cards from the deck and places them in a circle around the Buddha figurine.  He then raises the lid with the figurine attached by chain, and begins to move it around the circle of cards. One card eventually jumps up to attach itself to the Buddha.  It is of course the spectators card which can be signed.

This is in excellent condition with the only flaw being a small piece of decal which has come off.  I have photographed this multiple times.  Everything else is mint. Includes a deck of cards but again the cards can be borrowed. Complete as issued.

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