Celtic Knot Cabinet by Frontier Magic: NEW!


Nice effect from Frontier Magic.  This is new and complete. the Cabinet is 12×5.5×8 inches.

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Front & Rear Door Indentical Laser Carving!!

Throughout the ancient Celtic culture the “Knot” has been a prominent mystical symbol.

The knot has always been more than a simple form of decoration, each knot has spiritual powers. Some knots are for healing, some for wealth and one it is said can cause matter to pass through solid matter. The endless weaving of this knot can give whomever or whatever bears it the ability to control matter. The Celtic Knot Cabinet is engraved with this powerful symbol.

Solid Maple construction

Quality brass fixtures

Unique carved image

Wand, Ropes and silks included!

The performer magically makes the ropes pass through the silks and the box!  Great stage or platform piece.

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