Cesaral Ultimate Calculator: amazing electronic marvel

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Fantastic effect from Ceseral magic.  You can create miracles.  Description from the Cesaral website. This is new and never used. Tested for functionality. Complete as issued with manuscript. Sells for $965.

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Cesaral ultimate magic calculator

The new Cesaral Ultimate Magic Calculator is by far the most amazing magic calculator ever created!

The effects possible with this fantastic prop are endless, and the power of this new calculator will absolutely thrill you!

It gathers in the same calculator, the power of Cesaral ESP Calculator and the power of Cesaral Mental Mind Calculator, plus some additional secret magic weapons. All the effects that can be done with those great two products, plus much more, are now available in this new mental calculator.

Important points:

  • The calculator can be fully examined at any time before and after the effect.
  • The magician does not need to touch the calculator.
  • It comes with a slim and powerful receptor with an internal memory that can store many numbers (and operations used) shown on the calculator.
  • You can force part of the result or the total result, whenever you want, or when the audience member presses the “=” key. The forced numbers can be easily recorded in the calculator.
  • Cutting edge electronics.

Effect 1:

The Magician puts an envelope in full view. Several audience members add different numbers with a calculator until they decide to stop adding numbers. An audience member opens the envelope and finds a number that matches the number on the calculator.

Effect 2:

The Magician writes down a 3 digit number prediction and gives it to an audience member. He asks an different audience member to type any 3 digit number into the calculator, and then asks another audience member to divide this number by another 3 digit number. When the “=” key is pressed, a decimal number is shown on the display, and the last 3 digits of this number match the prediction of the magician.

Included with this product will you receive: a gimmicked calculator, an 8 digit receptor with an internal memory, a remote control unit, and a battery charger.

Countless effects are available with this calculator.

  • The effect can be repeated several times with different prediction results, if desired.
  • No pre-show work or stooges!
  • The calculator effect selector can be operated with or without the remote control unit. You may also use the Cesaral Invisible Key to control the number force.
  • Very nice, slim, and simple calculator design. The calculator measure 6 inches x 4 inches x less than 1 inch thick.
  • Easy to use. No sleight of hand required; leaving you to concentrate on presentation!


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