Chest of Nostradamus by Collectors Workshop (Viking)


This is brand new and retails for $245.  Had to remove from the packaging to photograph. The chest is 4.5×4.5×4 inches.

Out of stock

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AN incredible mentalism effect.   A beautiful chest is hanging from the magician finger via a golden chain.  HE spectator is told the chest contains a deck of cards and an envelope with a prediction (it does).  The spectator is asked to imagine he has the deck and is cutting it.  He is asked to stop at his own random number of cuts.  He is then asked to open the box and put the envelope aside and cut the cards just as he did in his imagination.  When he stops the card is removed and placed beside the envelope.  The envelope is opened to reveal a card.  The card is turned over to revel a match!

Props are outstandingly constructed as you would expect. This is new!

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