Chuck Fayne’s Instant Miracles: Collectors Workshop 1990’s (Nick and Rich)

Winning Bid: $450.00

This is an incredible set. These cups are magnificent and only  available with this set. It is brand new and never used!  5  of chick Fayne’s finest effects..Circa 1995. A virtual Time capsule.

Estimate $350-450


*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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Five Professional Routines, complete with Patter, Props and Pizazz.

Chuck is one of the single hottest performers, authors and lecturers on the magic scene today.

We asked him to give us his prize materials — the gems he keeps for himself. And so, in a bold new venture that combines first-class video with wonderful CW-crafted props, we proudly present INSTANT MIRACLES … a guaranteed instant winner.

Here’s What You Get:

1. The Routines:
These are performance perfected gems. Five of them.

A simple and very clean Cups and Balls routine so compelling you’ll wish you owned a set of our custom made, solid brass cups; And you will.

A phenomenal McDonald’s (we call them McFaynes) Aces that will fool and delight you with its simplicity.

A charming gambling routine called Sorry You Lose.

Chuck’s patented ball and glass puzzler.

And this next item … worth the price of the entire set, his simplified Card-on-Seat routine. A wonderful prediction. This single routine will change the way you approach the performance of magic and will be an instant addition to your present repertoire.

2. You receive ALL the Props:
Stunning, hand-crafted brass cups, with three ersatz limes for the finale. The balls and glass for the Ball in Glass routine. All necessary cards (except for the Card-on-Seat routine — use your own.)

3. A fully-detailed manuscript.

4. A one-hour video by Chuck, detailing every move and every word of patter. The production is what you should expect from us. We lugged three broadcast-quality cameras into Rich Bloch’s study-cum-magic-sanctum and there, surrounded by magic history and the overhanging echoes of hundreds of years of performers’ prized pieces, Chuck held court.

It’s all packaged in a sturdy cardboard carry container with foam inserts that serves well as an impromptu portable close-up case.

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