Clarence Miller’s Pento Blocks: RARE #1 of only Two made! Hallmarked!


If you are a Clarence Miller collector you understand the importance of having #1 of any of his pieces.  He generally reserved them for friends.  But having #1 when there are only two ever made takes it to a different level!

This version of his Pento Blocks (#! signed) was made in September of 2006 for Clarence’s friend Oran Dent.  #2 was made in Oct. of 2006 and  is pictured on page 134 of Clarence’s book. It is an effect based upon the wonder blocks trick using the one ahead principle.  Clarence put his usual twist on the effect.

I purchased this  from my friend Oran along with all of his other Clarence Miller effects many years ago. I have held on to it until now.  Oran told me there were never formal instructions written for it so he has written his own which I will include.  The Clarence Miller book proves that to be correct. Clarence did develop a similar effect with dice called the Hare-Raising effect which he made in fairly large numbers and produced instructions for but not for Pento Blocks. You can see the notebook plans Pento Blocks on page 135 of the Magic by Miler book.

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