Collectors Workshop Miniature Hippity Hop Rabbits: scarce


Someone is going to get a bargain. These are one of the most desirable of the Collectors Workshop Line. Very Difficult to find to day.  They are in very good condition with the following exception:  if you work with wood you know what a season split is. It is a naturally occurring phenomena in wood as it ages.  It is a tiny surface split in the wood. I had no idea one of the bases had this issue until I began photographing them and was looking at them in detail.  It is not noticeable on the shelf and will not be noticed by any spectator but it is there. I have taken a close up of the affected base. It is not damage it is just what happens t wood sometime. It is a surface issue and does not go entirely through the wood.  These would be $695 if i did not find that.

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