Comedy Legs Table built for Danny Dew by Earl Violet: The finest ever built!


The finest Comedy legs table ever built!

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Every now and then you run across something truly incredible.  Such is the case with this table.  First of all this is old.  Likely 40’s or 50’s but no later,  It was built by master metal worker Earl Violet who made props for Paul Fox, Russel Swann and  Danny Dew among others. This comes with a letter from Danny Dew explaining the prop’s operation to the owner her was selling it to.  It is quite simply the finest Comedy legs table ever constructed.

First of all look at it. It looks like a fine piece of furniture. No clunky metal legs or giant surface.  Just a fine  innocent LITTLE table (24 by 17 inches).  That is what makes the legs thing work. You never expect them to come from this fine table.  Look at the construction.  The mechanism works flawlessly and the design sure fire.  It will not fail.  Look at the beautifully finished legs. The ones that don’t drop off are simply a friction fit with a brass on brass fitting. Mr. Violet did not have to do that . He wanted to because he was a craftsman and a perfectionist..

All the legs are numbered and the ones that do fall out fit into place perfectly..  The “woman’s legs” that drop lock into place.  After they drop the embarrassed magician then drops pantaloons from the table top to cover them!

I don’t know what more I can say except this is apiece of history from craftsman of days gone by.

As mentioned it comes with a letter from Danny Dew nailing down the provenance (Danny Dew and Paul Fox were very close so it is not unusual that Earl Violet was building for both)  It also comes with its original protective case including Protective sleeves for the legs.

Until this sells you can find it on display at the CountryBrook Conservatory of Magic (CCM: also knows as my own collection)!

A fine investment quality  piece of magic if there ever was one.

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