Comedy Legs Table by Micheal Cantor: rare #11 of 13


The finest comedy legs table made today.  #11 of 13.

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I have seen a few comedy legs tables in my career but undoubtedly this is the best functioning table i have ever seen.  It is unbelievable! Bult to last a lifetime!.  Just look at the hinges!  They snap into place with force!. The release of the legs and finally the comedy legs is simple and direct.  No doubt this is the best built comedy legs table perhaps ever built and it is no longer available except for here..

Here is a quote from Denny and Lee:.

“For years my clients have been asking about the Comedy Legs Table that I use in my Multiplying Bottles routine. The one I use was built back in the seventies by my good friend, Bob Myers. From what I understand, less than a dozen of these were ever made and Bob passed away many years ago.  The mechanics of these tables are exactly as the one I use in my routine. This is a quality piece, built for the road and is correctly built in every way. Table top size is 26 x 20 which is perfect for the bottle routine. Each of these tables is hand made  and is numbered and signed. I actually feel that these are finer than the one I have been using my entire career. IT IS THE BEST MADE!”

Signed and numbered.  It has never been used.  Sold for $950 new.

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