Confusing Crayons by Tom Yurasetti and The Pom Pom wand from Vincenzo De Fatta Italy: both are new!

Winning Bid: $105.00

Two really strong kids effects.  See below.

Retail $150

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Item condition: New



Confusing Crayons

It’s Topsy-Turvy Bottles meets a super jumbo pair of crayons! That’s what you get when you’re performing Confusing Crayons. This special transposition effect combines a You Do As I Do plot with upside-down/right-side-up hilarity and befuddlement. The result? A lot of fun for everyone.

Your child volunteer follows your every move as you both invert the crayons within the tubes together, yet his crayon is always upside-down while the yours is right-side up. A special option, not possible with the Topsy Turvy Bottles, is that you can swap crayons with him and the upside-down magic happens anyway. Yes, it works with either color so you can switch the crayons with the child and continue on with the same results! This gives the trick a whole new dimension.

The 11″ long, Super Jumbo Crayons can be seen from the biggest stage, yet are a great fit for your birthday party show. They are handmade in the USA by the inventor, Tom Yurasits, who performs the trick in every show he does.

Turn your show upside down and get Confusing Crayons. Your audience will “flip” when they see it!

The Pom Pom wand

The magician shows a large black magic wand with white tips. A piece of string passes through each end. There are different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the string. The magician pulls up or down one of the pom-poms on one side to show that the two pom-poms are joined together by the same cord that runs through the wand. He then dose the same with the pom-poms on the other side.
… It is now that the fun begins! When the magician pulls up or down one of the pom-poms of one side of the wand, the audience will see go up one of the pom-poms on the other side. This is repeated with growing participation and fun of the audience, that will go “crazy” trying to understand how the pom-poms are “magically” connected. The pom-poms can be pulled as desired, but the final result will not change.
Naturally at the end everybody will believe that the pom-poms on each side are connected through the wand to the pom-poms on the opposite side. But the magician then separates the wand in half, showing that there is absolutely no connection!

• Easy to do.
• A real classic in magic.
• The wand can be taken apart for easy transport.
• Great for any kind of show, and really a must have for children’s shows.
• The wand is 52 cm long (20,47”) and has a diameter of 3 cm (1,18”). The pom-poms have a diameter of about 8 cm (3,14”).



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