Cosmar Magic’s Blue Velvet: Circa 1990


Cosmar Magic made some quality magic that was highly regarded from around 1980 to the early 190’s.  Most of it was acrylic as is this piece. It is a vanishing ring on chosen finger type effect similar to what Collector’s Workshop  had out around the same time. This one is helped by a gimmicked ring box.

The effect is a ring is borrowed and threaded on a ribbon where it is then place in a ring box and held by the spectator.  An acrylic stand in the figure of a hand is shown and covered with a paper bag. The spectator is asked to wiggle a finger and when she does the ribbon is pulled free of the ring box and the ring has vanished (bet you did not see that coming).  When the bag is lifted off the stand the ring is seen on the finger the spectator chose.

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