Cubes by Caramba Magic: Spain


This is a wonderful version of this effect and the finale of the spectator choosing the order of the cubes is very clever.  Complete and new, (including extra replacement numbers).Unwrapped to photograph.  Highest of quality and highly recommended!  Sells for $330.

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From Caramba Magic:

Based on an original idea of Selbit and Conradi (early twentieth century), which over the years has been known with many different names: “Magic Bricks”, “Bewildering Blocks” or “Cube-Libre”.

Made in high quality lacquered wood.

The black circles, where the numbers are written, are made of slate.

The different pieces have been carefully calibrated to ensure perfect operation of the trick.

Includes a new routine with a variety of effects and a strong finish: the sequence of numbers written in black circles IS FREELY CHOSEN by viewers (instructions on paper and DVD).

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