Cubes of Gagliostro: Howard Schwartzman’s Limited Editions


Great item from Schwartzman’s Limited Edition line. Imported from Italy and a wonderful piece of close up magic.

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Howie Schwartzman’s Limited Edition  line was full of superb magic and this one is no exception.  It is hand made in Italy so the quality is excellent.  The effect of the rod passing through the blocks is totally stunning and without explanation.

In effect two wooden blocks with a hole running through them are shown and stacked on top of each other on a small platform.  A small screen is placed in front of the blocks with the blocks still visible to the audience.  A wooden rod is then placed through the upper block.  The screen is then rotated away from the audience.  The magician takes hold of both sides of the rod and pushes it down. apparently right through the block!  When the screen is turned around the rod has  penetrated the upper block and is found piercing the lower block having passed right through!

Very few made and you will be proud to own, perform and display this effect. Screen is 4 inches tall.

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