Dave Powell Otto Mauer Coin Casket: Mint!


One of the finest recreations of the turn of the century coin caskets I have ever seen! It is simply stunning. Not everyone can make these as there are over 60 moving solid brass parts.

The effect is each four halves are placed into a small box and each time the box is closed one of them vanishes.  This is a wonderfully built collectible prop.  It is difficult to tell from the photo but the interior plate is shiny solid brass.  It is easy to set and work and built to last a lifetime. I am very impressed with this prop! It is quite simply a masterpiece.  This is brand new (ungimmicked half’s still encased in plastic so I did not want to open them). Includes carry bag.

Sells for $795 with generally  a 4 to 6 week wait.  This one is available now!

Out of stock

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