Dean Dill’s Sports and Larry Becker’s All Star Miracle.

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Two sports themed effects. Brand new from two of magic’s greatest creators.

estimate $60-120

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Dean Dills Sports Five cards are shown, each with a picture of a ball from 5 different sports. Baseball, Football, Pool Ball, Tennis Ball and a Basketball. The magician snaps the chosen card and the picture magically jumps off of the card. Where the picture was, the card is now blank. A real ball ends up in your spectator\’s hand or bouncing off the table! Special gaffed cards make the handling easy. The force is simple, deceptive and well motivated. You can perform \”Sports\” strolling or at a table. It resets easily and is very practical. Dean\’s handling of the ball production is fantastic. He offers a basic method which is very easy but extremely effective. He also gives alternative handling the pros are sure to appreciate! Included: \n\nFive special cards. \nPerformance and instructional DVD showing all the work. \nA regulation \”Eight Ball\” for the surprise production. The sports theme is always topical and your patter can be customized according to the sports season or current events. Audience participation and a surprise production make this a great trick.. And nothing gets a better reaction than when that ball hits the table with a big Thud! As with all of Dean\’s effects, you get quality props and all the handling has been worked out to the finest detail. It\’s audience tested and a sure winner. And, you don\’t have to be a sports fan to love Dean Dill\’s \”Sports\”….

Larry Becker’s All Star Miracle-  A baseball is handed to the audience. The mentalist turns around and ask the ball be passed around within the audience as he counts to 10.  At 10 he says stop and the person with the ball is the volunteer.  They are handed a group of 10 vintage baseball cards to examine in sealed card holders.  He is told to put them behind his back and cut them repeatedly until he is comfortable.  He does and then brings the forward.  He reads the name of the player he cut to.  He is asked to look at the baseball which is signed by the player he just chose!  The mentalist then whips a cap out of his pocket and puts it on his head that matches the team of the player (you of course can dispense with that if you choose) .

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