Death Toll by Bruce Ballon and Taylor Imagineering


From Taylor Imagineering: A spirit bell for the 21st century that is perfect for séance, mentalism, magic or bizarre performances. Beautifully crafted and disarmingly mundane, this spectacular piece of kit takes spirit bells to an entirely new level- by allowing the spectator to not just hear, but see the bell ring itself! Able to be rung in real time from a distance, and as many times as the performer likes, Death Toll is an essential piece of any performer’s tool kit who likes to walk the line between the magical and the truly impossible. With spectacular routines from Bruce Ballon in hand, shock and delight your audience in ways never before possible.

This thing looks the part and you actually sell the plunger moving up and down upon each ring.  Wonderfully made and you can let them pick it up and look at it! As new with all original packaging.

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