Devant’s Drink-A-Deck Plus – Buma: No longer availalbe


A very different effect long sold out. For full description, wee below. This is brand new never opened.

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The following description is from the original Stevens Magic Description when this was first  introduced.  It is no longer available.

This is a very limited production due to the labor and time intensive construction process. We have made the difficult decision to show the product completely, as we felt this image was the only way that our customers could fully appreciate the intricacy of this custom hand made “very limited edition” prop. This is not a sales pitch – when they are sold out there will be NO MORE. Like all Buma products, it’s an exceptionally well thought out, sequential effect hand made by House of Magic’s – BUMA.

Effect: Performer remove’s a deck and shuffles it, the deck is then replaced inside the card box, and given to a spectator to hold. The performer tells a story of four cards (four of a kind) a single card is then chosen by the spectator. The performer then takes the card box back from the spectator and opens it, he reaches into the card box proceeds to remove a vibrant printed silk hank of a blank playing card! He tells the spectator that here is their named card, all they have to do is just imagine it!

The performer then proceeds to pour the spectator a drink from the same card box into a glass to celebrate this great feat of magic, he then takes the same blank silk hank and tucks it back into the card box. The performer then thinks about putting the card box away in his shirt pocket but as an after thought, hands the card box back to the spectator to hold, the performer makes a magical wave – takes the card box back from the spectator and upon removing the previously blank silk, it has magically transformed into a vibrant printed card silk -the card printed on the silk is an exact match of the spectators previously chosen card!

The performer may now proceed to make an additional even larger production from the same card box of any items of his choice that would fit inside a card box.

No Lapping
No Sleeving
No Palming
Produce any liquid beverage of your choice.
Make a production not only once but twice!
Routine can be customized

This is an elaborate utility item, the likes of which we have never seen again and never will once they are gone!

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